Intelligent Fusion partners with government clients to organize, integrate, analyze, and deliver information across the enterprise. We provide expert, cleared consulting services in the areas of Enterprise Architecture, Knowledge Management, and Strategic Business Services.
Intelligent Fusion transforms data into information into knowledge into ACTION.

Most large organizations have an overwhelming amount of data from a wide variety of sources, but often have real trouble deciphering it into actionable intelligence. And the proliferation of data sources including internal databases, legacy systems, and external sources as well as the huge, but often untapped unstructured and external open source data - makes staying on top that much more difficult.

We truly live in the Too Much Information Age.

So, if your organization feels overwhelmed with structured, unstructured, and online data and information in a complex and changing world, contact Intelligent Fusion and we can help you not only navigate the treacherous waters, but thrive in this new day and age of infinite data, but limited information.

Our Enterprise Architecture (EA) practice delivers a comprehensive model of your existing enterprise, a target architecture of where you are headed, and a clear, actionable roadmap to help you get there.

Our Knowledge Management (KM) practice focuses on understanding your business needs first and then developing an integrated KM strategy, architecture, and solution that ensures the right person has the right information at the right time in a format they can understand to make the right decision - every time.

Our Strategic Business Services practice provides a suite of key services to support strategic development, business modeling, expert facilitation, large proposal development, and project management and execution.